As Ozz and Faust, two entities in the same robotic body, the player traverses a unique world full of mysteries, unexpected environments, friendships and tragedies. Faust, a cynical mad scientist , transferred his consciousness into a synthetical humanoid to escape both his persecutors and his inner demons. Befitting of a mad scientist, something went wrong and he has to share his newly-found vessel with an artifical consciousness that unintenionally seizes control of the bodily functions aside from the ability to talk; however, there is no ill will involved, as the innocent thief Ozz is a naive, emotional and child-like being.

Together, they start on a journey to find peace both with themselves and with each other, by travelling to a village that has been left alone for a thousand years. The villagers are hostile towards machines, yet Faust tries to befriend them.

Machines and innovation meet tradition and nature. What could happen in the war that eventually breaks out?

The game did not reach alpha stage due to its massive scope and the team members dispersing, therefore the end product barely qualifies as something I (as creative director) envisioned. The whole project was an amazing learning experience and enriched us with opportunities.